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caregiver sitting with elderly woman and her daughter


You guys were great  to my father (and my family) during his last days. We knew he was in good hands. Thank you.

Family of Joe S. -  May 2022

I’m so glad that my wife is here. She’s been here before and we have other family that have been here. Everyone is wonderful and they really care. I know they don’t have an easy job but they are always nice. I know she is in good hands.

Family of Joanne B. October 2022

The people are so nice. I never had a problem. They would even look for my clothes if I couldn’t find them and get me snacks when I was hungry. The nurses were very good. Some of the aids were very funny and we laughed a lot together but I am happy to go home.

Annette J. – Sept 2022

I could not have gotten better this fast without the Therapy Dept. They are angels. All of you are angels. The nurses and aids are great. Really great. When I wasn’t in therapy they gave me exercises to do which I think helped a lot. The food was OK. If I didn’t like something they would get me something different. I am truly grateful for all of you.

Thomas E. - September 2022

This place is THE best!!! There is a bad review on here that doesn’t make sense. There is no doom and gloom here. Everything including ALL the staff are bright and cheery. They not only do their job, they do MORE. My mom has been here for over a week under hospice care thru CareCentral. Nicole, her nurse, Roxanne a CNA and Mary, are the bomb! I am staying overnight with my mom, cot, room change, hospitality cart and meals all here in the blink of an eye. I am so glad we chose this place for mom to spend her final days. They are truly amazing 👏 😍

Jean Thayer, Sept – 2022

Everything was great. I am excited to go home. I feel good about it. I know that I am stronger than when I got here. The (therapists) were great and knew what they were doing.  This is my second time here and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Laurie C. – November 2022

I can’t believe I am leaving already. Therapy was really, really good and I feel good about going home. I feel like they have taught me everything I need to know to care for myself until my next surgery. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone. 

Michael J.  November 2022

Shout out to the staff on East 1 who cared for my mom while on Hospice up until her passing. Nurse Nicole her primary nurse was exceptional in overseeing her medications and making her comfortable up until the end. Sorry, I can’t remember all the names of the staff but all were so kind. Most came in at the beginning of each shift to introduce themselves. As an RN and previous manager in an elder services program, I know that customer service is of utmost importance. I have to commend ALL staff who did not leave the room without saying “Is there anything else I can do for you!” I loved that. Probably reflects the leader of the pack Kim!!

KUDOS TO ALL!! Kim Gallant – Oct, 2022

My wife never would have gotten better if it weren’t for your staff. I mean it. Everyone here is so helpful and nice. She needed to be pushed and you guys pushed her to get better. I can’t thank you enough.

Family of Elizabeth C. – Nov 2022

You guys took such good care of our Mom. She looks great. We are so happy she came here for her rehab. We all were nervous at first but everyone was so nice and answered all of our questions. Really, we are so happy. Thank you to everyone.

Family of Josefina G. – September 2022

The care our son received and the way the staff treated us was amazing. Kaitlynn was great. They all were. He was very sick and was here a very long time. We stayed with him every night and the staff was very accommodating. It wasn’t always easy but we got through it because we were like a team.

Family of Jeremy B. September 2022

I have been here and this is my wife’s second time here. If it wasn’t good we would not have come back. We are very happy with everything – the care she receives is good and the staff are nice. The food isn’t bad but if she won’t eat they will send something else up for her. Having a good roommate helps, too.

Family of Arline K.

Can’t think of anything to complain about. Food is actually pretty good and they have good activities to keep us busy. I like that they have stuff to do after supper.

Current Resident - Nov 2022

My grandfather has lived at Gardener Rehab & Nursing home for four years now, through the toughest part of Covid, and he has thoroughly enjoyed his time there. All of the staff is caring and supportive, the interior is kept clean and the exterior always looks nice. I would recommend this for both short-term and long-term care.

Jenni Ann – Nov, 2022

I can’t say enough about your staff on East One. They went above and beyond  (and I mean beyond) to celebrate Peter and his accomplishments. Everything was perfect. It was an event he will never forget.

Family of Peter F.  – October 2022

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